Testimonials About Direct Primary Care

“With Direct Primary care: we have peace of mind knowing that if we need to go to the doctor it isn’t going to cost us $100’s of dollars each time. We understand that it does not take the place of insurance, but this is great – to know we can call or see the doctor without breaking our budget.”
— DPC Patient for 3 years, Portland, Maine

“Direct Primary Care has returned the power to me, as a health care consumer. I know my doctor and she knows me. I feel like I am in control of my health and she helps me negotiate the medical system. I do not need to go in to see her each time I have a question or problem. She answers her phone, or I simply message her.”
— DPC patient, Boston, MA

“Direct Primary Care is the way healthcare should be — affordable, accessible, and open to my schedule and my needs. Reaching and scheduling with my doctor is so much more convenient than the regular system.”
— DPC patient, Hartford, CT

“Direct Primary Care has allowed my husband to get back on track with his health and well-being, and we have not had to worry about the high expense of going to a doctor’s office three, four, even five times. Visits are included in membership!”- DPC patient, Brunswick, ME

“The office is centered on my needs and concerns. I feel supported without burdened or inconvenienced by being fit into their office hours or their 15 minute visit slots. My doctor spends all the time I need with him.”
— DPC Patient, Pomfret, CT

“This was the first time that I arrived with a complete list and felt that there was all the time in the world answer all my questions and to talk about life changes with an eye to maximize my health”.
— DPC Patient, Middlebury, CT

“I am very excited about the improvements I can make for myself with your guidance and time offered through Direct Primary Care.”
— DPC Patient, Concord, NH

“Thank you for your willingness to try something new and make a change that enables you to continue to offer such warm, compassionate and excellent medical care for our family. You are greatly appreciated!”
— DPC Patient, Damariscotta, ME

“Direct Primary Care makes sense to us. We do not have health insurance and do not fall within an income bracket to receive any aid. We are a family of six and pay out of pocket for all medical bills. We know what our costs will be for comprehensive direct primary care! We can budget for it and have our own doctor who knows us well!”
— DPC Patient, Cape Elizabeth, ME

“This holistic and sensitive style of care just makes me feel more comfortable to ask questions, consider current medical practice/research and make better choices for me based on our discussions.”
— DPC Patient, York, ME

“My DPC doctor is an outstanding doctor and a wonderful human being. She is very smart, intuitive and listens very well.”
— DPC Patient, Salem, MA

“She has been my primary care doctor for 20 years now, and (now she’ll stay in) practice for another 20. She is the best doctor I have ever worked with.”
— DPC Patient, Damariscotta, ME

“When the office was closed the answering machine gave me the number to call the on-call doctor. I called the number and the doctor answered! No answering service or waiting for a call back! She even went the extra mile and did some extra price checking for me! It’s so great when you don’t feel well to not have to jump through those extra hoops!”
— DPC Patient, Augusta, ME