For Residents & Medical Students

Step away from the Pack:
Consider Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care offers you freedom and the opportunity to practice the way you envisioned practicing when you started your training.

When you decided to go to medical school you may have thought caring for patients was the ultimate honor and goal. You may not have known about the 200 clicks per visit, the hours each week spent on extensive documentation and paperwork, and  demands of documentation insurance billing, authorizations, and coding. Direct Primary Care allows you to leave most of that non-physician work behind, and lowers practice overhead by not requiring staff to do it either.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) lets you care for patients without the hassles of an insurance driven world and endless documentation and time pressures of big fee- for-service practices.  Independent and Direct Primary Care doctors seem to be some of the happiest primary care doctors around.  DPC doctors have more time with each patient, get to know them well, and may enjoy the practice of medicine more than those in traditional settings. They set their own hours and have more freedom  while delivering innovative, care. DPC is  a delivery and payment model that directly engages the patient, relieves the physician of most non-medical responsibilities, and changes the the way you can deliver care to your patients. Electronic visits, and telephone calls discussing issues and medical decisions become possible instead of packing your office schedule with 15 minute rushed visits. In office visits are often thirty to sixty minutes. You have time to get to know the patient and the problems they are having in depth.

Family Medicine and Internal Medicine doctors, as well as some specialists, have started Direct Primary Care practices across the United States. There are a growing number of DPC physicians in New England, some of whom are looking for new partners.   If you want more information about what is happening in New England Direct Primary Care practices, contact us. In addition the Family Medicine Education Consortium and the American Academy of Family Physicians endorse the DPC  practice  model and have resources on the new, innovative, growing model of Direct Primary Care.

Medical students and residents are welcome to join the DPC New England organization to learn more about DPC and obtain support or mentorship in order to explore opening a practice using this model of independent primary care delivery that is growing nationally and is endorsed by the American Academy of Family Practice as well as a growing number of state and national policy makers.