For Physicians

Direct primary care practices support
innovative, enlightened primary care delivery.
Physicians can take the time they need to see patients.

Are You Interested in Providing Direct Primary Care(DPC)?

Get off the insurance payment driven primary care hamster wheel. Direct primary care is a paradigm shift: back to a direct contract between physician and patient. The DPC model, endorsed by the American Academy of Family Physicians, is not concierge care. It is affordable, monthly membership in a physicians practice in return for basic, often comprehensive, medical care from the primary care office. Direct Primary Care is helping physicians rediscover the joy of delivering high-quality healthcare to their patients.

Direct Primary Care means:

  • Physicians untethered, without the burden of insurance coding and billing requirements
  • Accessible enlightened care for patients, affordable monthly membership fees, and individual options for care delivery
  • Renewal of doctor-patient relationships, more time with patients, fewer patients per panel
  • A truly patient centered primary care model that is growing throughout the country and is endorsed by the AAFP
  • Supportive legislation passed in a number of states, and proposed in Congress

New England Direct Primary Care is dedicated to changing the way we deliver health care to our patients, and to promoting and supporting Direct Primary Care physicians and practices throughout the region. We support returning joy to the practice of medicine, time for the physician to do what she or he loves to do best, and cost transparency in healthcare.
We believe that independent physicians are best positioned to innovate, adapt and meet the needs of patients as individuals. DPC New England supports and mentors other physicians (and patients, and employers) as they find and embrace this enlightened primary care payment and delivery model.
This New England Direct Primary Care professional association intends to share knowledge, experience, and resources with patients, physicians, and employers who are interested in DPC. If you are considering changing your practice design to a direct primary care model, please contact us.

Check out the following links to learn about direct primary care practices, a growing national primary care movement with activity in most all 50 states.

Resources: DPC New England’s mission includes sharing resources and supporting other physicians with the transition to Direct Primary Care

Regulatory Information

Many states have passed DPC Legislation. In addition, in 2017 Maine and Florida DPC bills in the Maine and Florida legislatures were introduced in the state legislatures. In 2017, a bill was introduced into the US House of Representatives intended to guarantee that DPC memberships fees qualify for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). For updates regarding that bill please go to. Members of DPC New England can access the Members only page for sample DPC contracts. DPC New England members do not share membership pricing information as per regulation. Please check each practice website for membership information.
You may sign up here to get updates on the US House bill.

Federal Bar DPC Review Article

DPC Friendly Electronic Medical Records

Elation Health

For Residents / Students

Medical Students and Residents are welcome as members of DPC New England. Some members of DPC New England started their Direct Primary Care practices immediately after residency. Others worked as doctors for other institutions for a few years to build equity or pay off loans prior to starting their own direct medical care practice. If you are interested in Direct Primary Care, you are welcome to become a member (free of charge) and learn more about DPC.