Reinventing Primary Health Care
for the Employer and Employee
Direct Primary Care

DPC is an innovative 
primary healthcare delivery business model

There are a growing number of independent Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices throughout New England. Consult the DPC New  map below to determine whether there is a DPC medical practice near you that could serve you and your employees.

How will Direct Primary Care benefit
my company and employees?

By choosing to offer a Direct Primary Care option to your employees you may:

  • Support lower cost, higher deductible health plan choices by providing inclusive, affordable, easy to access, comprehensive* primary healthcare
  • Reduce work hours missed for medical appointments: most DPC practices have minimal to no-wait policies
  • Relieve under-deductible financial barriers to encourage employees to access medical care in a timely manner
  • Potentially reduce overall health spending for employees enrolled in the Direct Primary Care program
  • Facilitate timely, efficient access for employees to their doctors and medical advice, virtually as well as in person: DPC is a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery
  • Promote more cost transparency for  healthcare with a low, fixed, monthly cost for each employee’s primary health services and wellness counseling
  • Empower patients, with support from their DPC doctor, to negotiate the rest of the complex healthcare system, while avoiding high-cost care, if possible
  • Be able to finance partial or complete DPC primary healthcare for employees, particularly those with high health needs, with potential healthcare cost savings
  • Realize a competitive hiring advantage by advertising a Direct Primary Care offering to employees

The comprehensive DPC primary care business model can result in major savings on more costly specialty and hospital visits. Direct Primary Care contracts average a monthly fee of around $75/per patient*, often funded by the employer or a shared employer-patient contribution. Employees may feel more secure choosing cheaper, higher deductible health plans, not having to worry about co-pays and under-deductible costs for many usual and basic healthcare needs. Offering such basic healthcare coverage for an affordable price, no matter what the insurance benefit plan deductible, can be a competitive hiring advantage.

Combining DPC with an Insurance product
or commercial Health Share Plan

A Direct Primary Care option that you offer can be combined either with a regular or high-deductible insurance product or a Health Share plan option. Commercial Health Shares are alternatives to insurance. Health Share plans, which are alternatives to traditional insurance, are now available in some New England states. An example of such a health share plan for small- to medium-sized  companies (with five or more employees) is Sedera Health** ( Such health-share plans, as well as higher deductible health insurance plans, work well with Direct Primary Care options offered to employees.

DPC New England does not endorse any particular health share company or complementary insurance product. Either higher deductible health-plan option, or health-share option is always recommended with a Direct Primary Care option offering so that employees have coverage for specialty and hospital needs. Direct Primary Care is NOT insurance, but rather provides a paradigm shift in primary health care delivery. It frontloads employees’ basic medical and preventive care without barriers, in order to promote improved access with a goal of better, personalized health education, with improved employee long term health and wellness and an improved bottom line for employers.

Examples of companies/unions now offering Direct Primary Care Options are King Arthur Flour, Norwich, Vermont; The Carpenter’s Union; Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire; Zappos, Union County, North Carolina, and Union Hospital, Dover, Ohio.

*Depends on area, state and individual practice structure and DPC primary care office services package. Direct care often includes almost everything a primary care doctor can offer in his or her office. Some exclusions apply.

**The following is one example of a health share service for small businesses, now expanding service to companies in New England: This Health Share is provided as one example of such an employer option and is not specifically endorsed by DPC New professional organization.

CONTACT us or consult the DPC NEW map for a practice near you.
Each year several additional practices in New England have opened that are dedicated to Direct Primary Care