About Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is an innovative alternative payment model for primary currently being embraced by patients, physicians, employers, payers and policymakers across the United States. Its objective is to provide comprehensive medical care for all your primary care needs with minimal barriers to access, while promoting a long standing, trusted relationship between you and your doctor at an affordable, predictable cost!

In other words, your health, questions, needs, and own schedule come first, not what insurance companies require, or which insurance plan you have. It is primary care “the way it should be”.

Direct Primary Care is

  • Innovative health care
  • Accessible
  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Cost Predictable

Direct Primary Care provides

  • Time for you and the doctor to meet and work together on your health with extended time, relaxed visits
  • Emphasis on high quality care, not only during office visits, but also via direct, open, ongoing communication with your doctor
  • A doctor who works to get to know you to best support your understanding of disease and health
  • Medical advice available for you from work, home, and while traveling, via phone and secure texting, not just in the doctor’s office
  • Predictable yearly costs for comprehensive basic health care needs independent of how much medical care and advice you need each year
  • Open access scheduling and more freedom from insurance companies dictating how you can receive medical advice and primary care treatment

  • The DPC model of primary care is designed to meet the life and schedule demands of today’s patient, instead of a healthcare system based on payment protocols, billing and medical office-centered care.
  • Your DPC doctor will contract with you directly to provide all routine healthcare services usually available in his or her office, that can be offered as part of the Direct Primary Care package.
  • You, the patient, are free to access your doctor outside of normal office visits. Your membership in the practice allows you to ask for medical advice when and how you need it.
  • DPC is not concierge care. But you will have a designated doctor to provide you with responsive care, the personalized medical care that you deserve. Your Direct Primary Care doctor will charge membership fees that are typically much less than Concierge annual fees and insurance payments for visits.
  • There are fewer unpredictable out-of-pocket basic primary health care expenses when you have a Direct Primary Care doctor.
  • The goal of DPC is also to provide medical advice when and how you need it for a fixed monthly, affordable cost.
  • Primary care, the way it should be for all. Try it – and let us know what you think!

There are a growing number of Direct Primary Care practices across the United States. To locate a practice in New England near you, click on the DPC New England Map.